Keniaanse studenten op bezoek

23 maart 2013

Sint Jozefhoeve dairy farm experience.

Thank you for accepting our request to visit your farm and taking time to show us around the farm. We were delighted to have a chance to visit and to learn more about dairy farming. We enjoyed the visit and learnt A LOT – especially, the systematic procedures of feeding, milking, treatment of the cattle and use of information technology to manage the farm.

Keniaanse studenten op de Sint-Jozefhoeve

Keniaanse studenten op de Sint-Jozefhoeve

Dairy farming in Kenya is one of the main economic activities, though in small scale. Being practiced in small scale means that, mechanization of the process is still not yet adopted in most farms and the exposure we gained from Sint Jozefhoeve farm was incredible and unrivalled. The thought of the “robot” milking machine still amazes us; coupled with the computerization of the process makes it even more manageable, appealing and enjoyable.

Coming from farming families in Kenya, we intend to help our families replicate what we learned and this will be groundbreaking in terms of modernizing our dairy farming: ultimately leading to increased production, quality management and more importantly generate income that better livelihoods.

Apart from the lessons learnt on the dairy farming, we appreciate the courtesy and the warm welcome of your family. Being international students from Kenya, you were the first family we have spent a whole day with during our stay in Belgium and we really enjoyed.

Finally, we want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to show us around the farm, we were humbled. Thank you ALSO for being so incredibly inspiring, you made us want to be professional dairy farmers.

Thank You——Dank U——–Ahsante Sana

Amon & Benson